Smartphones have grown to become one of the most commonly used gadgets in today’s world. The usefulness, functionality and importance of these mobile phones has made it necessary for alot of persons to acquire it. Many phone brands have erupted, thereby producing various and updated technologically advanced phones.

The steady influx of various high-tech phones into the Nigerian market has brought up dilemma into the minds of Nigerians to choose and prefer one brand over the other.
Over time, Nigerians have taken their stand over the brands that they feel is better and most preferable for them

In this post, we will take a look at the top most trending phone brands in Nigeria,2020

1. Tecno
Tecno mobile brand is owned by a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong. TECNO has a presence in more than 60 countries across the globe. Since the release of Tecno phone into Nigerian market, Tecno phones have been one of the most preferred because they are very affordable and they got highly rated features. The phones are designed for durability and better battery capacity.

2. Infinix
Infinix mobile brand is also owned by a Chinese manufacturer in Hong Kong. This brand is like Tecno and since the release into the Nigeria mobile market, it’s been a real competition to Tecno. Although, the company also provides affordable mid range smartphones with decent specs and good build quality. Infinix phones are also preferred by most Nigerians as some say it got great value for money.

3. Xiaomi
Xiaomi brand is owned by a Chinese electronics company founded in Beijing. Xiaomi is one of the youngest smartphones brands and have grown significantly popular in Nigeria today since the launch in April 2019.
Unlike Tecno and Infinix that only have low-budget to bottom shelf mid-range smartphones, Xiaomi’s smartphones range from low budget all the way up to high-end flagships, that way, it provides more variety within the brand. The Xiaomi phones have got nice high rate features and good build quality. They are also affordable which has got many Nigerians to prefer them

4. Samsung
Samsung brand is simply one of the top best phone brands in the industry. They are widely known and desired by many in the phone market. In the Nigerian market, Samsung is really selling as many Nigerians prefer them for their durability and high picture quality. As at 2019, Samsung released some high-tech quality A series, M series and S series phones and they are very affordable

5. Apple
Apple has been known to be on the forefront of innovation. The company was the first smartphone maker to introduce touchID — a fingerprint scanner module to unlock a device — and use 64-bit processors, both of which were later also adopted by most other smartphone manufacturers. In Nigeria today, apple is one if the most preferred brands of phones but it is unfortunate that an average Nigerian cannot afford to buy one. The phones are actually designed for luxury. Most of the youth usually go for the UK used iPhones because it is a bit affordable and durable.


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