Basic Guide On Using Other Payment Methods on Lordtech


There are several automated ways of payment on lordtech and among them are Paystack and Rave. Paystack and Rave are both secure and automated platforms that offer variety of options for making payments on Data, Airtime and other services on Lordtech. One can say that Paystack and Rave are similar because of the options they provide. Listed below are the options available on the Paystack and Rave platform

1. Credit/Debit card: This involves the use of your Atm card to make secure transactions and receive fast delivery once payment is confirmed. Contrary to speculations your card details are safe and all transactions require a token that would be sent to the phone number associated with your bank account.

2. USSD: Using this option you would be provided with a unique transfer code which you would dial with the phone number associated with your bank account. Upon successful payment the service paid for will be delivered. The banks eligible are Guarantee Trust Bank, United Bank Of Africa, Sterling Bank and Zenith bank.

3. QR code: when using this option you will be given a QR code to scan using your bank app. After scanning and authorizing payment your order would be delivered. The eligible banks are Ecobank, First Bank, Fidelity, Access, Diamond and Zenith Bank.


Payment through bank transfer has been made easier with MONIFY. Monify is a platform that provides easy, fast and fully automated payments through bank transfer and ussd. Other advantages include

i. No more waiting for manual activation of orders after transfer

ii. No more transfer limit as you can transfer any amount of money for order payments.

            With the new monify payment option, you can now pay your bills the easiest and fastest way possible by following this simple steps

1. Create an order

2. Click on pay now

3. Select Bank transfer

4. Click on Transfer via Monify (to display your unique account number)

5. Make transfer of the Order value to your unique account number using Mobile Bank App/ USSD.

            That’s it, interesting and easy.

That’s all on the payments method available on our platform. Do make sure to drop your comments and inquiries in the comment box.

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