Best MTN Data Plans, Prices And Subscription Codes In 2020

The use of network data has been on high demand especially at this period of stay-at-home in a bid to curtail the spread of the Corona virus pandemic in our country Nigeria. Trying to stay socially updated may be quite challenging. It will interest you to know you can enjoy more data and pay less even in this lock down period. If you want to know more, please read on as we will be unveiling some affordable data plans on each network.

Our scope for this week will be on MTN daily, weekly and monthly data plans


MTN is known for providing one of the best services for telecommunication users who subscribe to her network. These services include data plans and tariffs that allow their customers enjoy mouthwatering offers at a cheaper rate. MTN Data plan varies from monthly subscription, weekly subscription, daily subscription and other special data plans as well as data bonuses


These are plans which valid for 24hrs. For persons who need data just for a few important things or the heavy data users that would need a daily plan to download stuff like movie etc. You can get:

A. 25MB for N50. To subscribe, dial *131*114#

B. 75MB for N100. To subscribe, dial *131*104#

C. 1GB for N300. To subscribe, dial *131*155#


As the name indicates, these plans are valid for48hours. They are mostly used by mini data users. Persons who probably need data to complete a download or send message. And of course, the data has to be used within 48 hours if not the remaining will be taken back

You can enjoy:

 A. 250MB for ₦200. To subscribe, dial *131*113#

B. 2GB for500. To subscribe, dial *131*154#


These type of plans are valid for 7days. You can enjoy:

A. 1GB for ₦500 (Best for normal users). To subscribe, dial *131*142#

B. 6GB for ₦1500 (Best weekly plan for heavy users). To subscribe, dial *131*143#


These data plans valid for 30 days from the day of subscription. This plan is for the average data users. It allows you to download files of small sizes but alot of people get it all twisted especially the heavy data users. They assume that they can download heavy files like movie and still expect the data to last till 30 days. To enjoy data up To the validity date, you must learn to manage it and also put on your phone data saver, It will help a lot.

Here at we offer the best monthly plans you can get for all networks. Our prices are super cheap when compared to the normal MTN monthly subscription. You can Get as low as 500MB for ₦175 and 1GB for ₦330 only. See below table showing the difference between the prices of the normal MTN data plan and Lordtech MTN Data plan.

1₦1000 for 1.5gb₦500 for 1.5gb₦500
2₦1200 for 2gb₦660 for 2gb₦540
3₦1500 for 3gb₦990 for 3gb₦510
4₦2500 for 6gb₦2000 for 6gb₦500
5₦3500 for 10gb₦3200 for 10gb₦300
6₦5000 for 15gb₦4600 for 15gb₦400
7₦10,000 for 40gb₦9200 for 40gb₦800
8₦15,000 for 75gb₦14,000 for 75gb₦1000
9₦20,000 for 110gb₦19,000 for 110gb₦1000

From the comparison above, we can all come to an agreement that with Lordtech you can pay less to get more data. To buy click here

Please watch out for next post as we will be bringing out the cheapest and most affordable data plans on Global Communication Limited (GLO)

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