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  1. Where can i find my Prepaid Token?

    Once you have made payment the Token will be sent to your email after 5mins.

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  2. How can i buy Electricity on Lordtech?

    -Login to the website.

    -Choose your service provider, input your PHCN Account number, Prepaid or Postpaid and click on Proceed.

    -After your Name displays, input the amount and Click on proceed.

    -Tick your payment option and Click on Place order then fill in your payment detail.

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  3. Can i buy data any time of day?
    Yes, We are open 24/7
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  4. Will this data plan work with all Devices?
    Yes our Data plan works on all Devices
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  5. I bought data and haven't received it, what should i do?
    Kindly reply the order summary email you received from us with your complaint or send an email to sales@lordtech.com or call +238149906899 with your order number.
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  6. How long before I receive the Data?
    It takes less than a minute as our system is fully Automated.
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  7. How can I become a Data Reseller?
    You can be a Reseller by placing orders for your customers directly on our website and the data will be sent to the phone number supplied. See the link below for more information https://lordtech.com/resellers
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  8. How can I buy Data?

    To buy Data follow these steps.

    Step 1: Log into the Account.

    Step2: Select the Mobile Network.

    Step3: Selected the data plan your want and put the phone number.

    Step4: Selected the payment option you want then Click on place order.

    Step5: Proceed and make payment.

    A video tutorial on the steps to follow has been created for you, watch it here

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