UCOM Single USB Gamepad – Dual Shock PC Joystick Game Controller


  • Vibration
  • long cord
  • black colour
  • comfortable
  • durable

UCOM single USB Gamepad Dual Shock PC Joystick Game Controller  has high quality,  Comfortable design with good button setup and provide you with real experience one Dual Shock Controller with One PC USB Plug  game pad for 1 player built and shaped for fun and control during playtime.

it features the Vibration function and support dual shock games Joystick with 11 fire buttons to play your favorite games Digital and analog modes for peak performance 1.8 meter cord for optimal freedom 1 analog controllers that enable you to control 4 separate axes USB port provides easy connection Plug and Play With dual shock function Compatible with Win9X/Win2000/WinXP/Win7 PC with a least a Pentium processor or compatible. its sure and durable.


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