*****TERMS OF TRADE(Disclaimer)******

Only PHYSICAL Itunes Gift Card denominations within the range of $101 - $200 are accepted e.g. $125, $150, $200 only. ( These Giftcards usually start with "X")

We won't credit your account if you upload used or Invalid cards or Mexican Cards or Ecodes or card denominations greater than $200

USA Itunes Gift Card denominations of $201 above are not accepted. These Giftcards usually start with "X"

Your Trade is voided and you won't be paid if you upload ECODES, USED, SCANNED(Cards bought online on itunesdelivery) or UNACTIVATED or INVALID Cards or Card Denominations greater than $201 USA Itunes Gift Card.

Statement of Legality

You hereby warrant, assure, represent and state that the items you are transacting on, selling, loading or offering for sale on this website was acquired through legal means. You further state that you did not in any manner act as agent or alter ego of the Website in the acquisition of the items. You hereby, specifically state that the items were not stolen or obtained through fraudulent means.