Make Money By Becoming A Data Reseller

Would you like to make money by becoming a Reseller?

A Reseller business is a fast growing business one can venture into, as it is cost effective, saves time and enhances quick delivery. LordTech provides you the opportunity by buying our cheap products and reselling it.

Our Data Bundle

One of our products you can actually make money from is our Data bundle. We sell Data bundle on networks such as MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, Airtel. Our data plan works with all devices e.g. Andriod, IPhone, Blackberry, computers, modems etc. Data also rollover if you re-subscribe before expiry of current plan.

Buying and selling of internet data is lucrative as people can’t do without internet on daily basis. They need to stay subscribed to it by paying certain amounts and not everybody is ready to be paying that high amounts when there are data resellers to buy from at cheaper prices. A data reseller sells his/her data bundle at a cheaper price compared to that of the network themselves. All you need is to know how to capture your customers and you will always make the best of profits.


1. Do I need to upgrade my account to be a reseller?
No, you don’t need to. Your regular login details is ok.

2. Are there discounts for resellers?
No, our rates on Lordtech is already discounted, so resellers can add intended profit. For instance, you buy MTN 1GB at the rate of N310, you can resell at N350 or N400. That gives you a profit of N40 or N90 respectively. You can decide on the profit that you want to make on each plan

3. How much will it cost to get started?
You can start with any amount you have, provided it can buy a bundle. We advice you to fund your wallet for easier purchases.

4. How soon do I get my order?
Our website is fully automated. You get your bundle immediately your payment is received.

5. What Are My Benefits As A Reseller?
You are building your brand for yourself. You are making an online presence. You gain peoples trust and this leads to more sales and then more profit.

If there are other important information concerning this topic you want to know about, kindly drop them in the comment section below as they will appropriately be looked into

Thank you for choosing Lordtech

11 thoughts on “Make Money By Becoming A Data Reseller”

  1. Streetional Emizee Adeyemi

    If you want us become your reseller you must stop selling your data for every individual unless if he become your company reseller.

    Get back to me so we can know what next to start the business. #Lordtech #Emizeestian #Enterprenuer #Spirit

    1. Dear streetional,

      Your mail was well received.
      On LordTech our services is open to all.Anybody can start up this lucrative business on our website

      Currently, most of our customers are resellers and they are doing great running this lucrative business, most of them have been with us from the very beginning and they are still standing.

      You can make money reselling data when you add your own profit on our price

      Stopping other individuals from buying from will not be a good idea as it is not in line with the company’s goal and mission for now

      Thank you for your understanding

    2. peacetobechioparaji

      Your service is very good but I am not happy your mtn it does not last and I need glo data plan is in my plan please l have coplen before but answer

      1. I’m glad to be here. I made my first deposit and have already started reselling data.
        But I have a little concern. If you can step down the price of data for other network just like you did for MTN special and SME, it will be highly appreciated. Airtel specifically.
        Thank you team lordtech

  2. This is the LT’s service I use most. I enjoy the services as I gain reasonable income from data reselling. It’s cool and easy. I like it so much!

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