The Advantages Of Using E-wallet For Payment Of Services On Lordtech

Do you want to know the various methods of payment on LordTech? Are you curious of the security? Do you want to know the differences between the various methods of payment? Do you want to know the advantages of each payment option? The answer to your questions and worries is just below. Kindly read along as we will looking into the various payment methods available on our site when ordering for Data, Airtime and other Utility services such as Electricity and Cable TV.

Here at LORDTECH we offer various payment methods that are fast, easy and automated. These are

1. E-Wallet

2. Paystack

3. Rave

4. Bank transfer

For the scope of this post we will be discussing on the E-Wallet option of payment.


            An E-Wallet is an electronic wallet which is used to store money that can be used for online transactions. The e-wallet option of payment is the fastest mode of payment on LordTech as it allows you to make payment in just a click. All payments made with the e-wallet are always instantly delivered, that is why it is the most preferred choice of payment by most customers especially our Resellers. The major advantages of wallet payments are;

i. It is the fastest and most efficient method of payment

ii. It is 100% reliable as there is nothing like bank or other network issues that affect transfer of funds.

iii. Funds in wallet are secure

iv. It is easy to use and convenient as you don’t need to carry your debit card around before transacting, for fear of misplacing it.

            You might be wondering if there is any special way of getting your own personal wallet. The answer is NO. As long as you are a registered member on our platform, you are entitled to your own personal E-wallet which can be found when you login, click on Account and select my Wallet. 


To fund your wallet, follow these simple steps listed in the image below:


To buy data with E-wallet option follow the simple steps below:

1.  Visit

2.  Click on Account and login

3. Go to the homepage and click on “BUY NOW

3. Select the desired network, Bundle plan and input phone number

4. Proceed to checkout

5. Select E-wallet

6. Place order

Please note that the E-wallet option only comes up if you have money in your wallet before purchasing an item.

That brings us to the end of another educative segment on our Blog. Please ensure to drop your comments and inquires in the comment section and don’t forget to visit our blog for more posts like this as we would also be treating the other methods of payment in coming weeks.

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